Bookkeeping in Žilina, wages, taxes, consultancy, economic services

Simple accounting

Simple accounting under the Accounting Act and related regulations

  • Accounting procedures
  • Income Tax Act
  • VAT (Value added tax) Act
  • The Commercial Code and other regulations
  • Analysis of the current accounting system
  • Reporting according to customer requirements
  • Cash/Financial Diary
  • Evidence of supplier and customer invoices
  • Cash book
  • Internal documents
  • Developing internal regulations
  • Inventory of assets and payables
  • Book of driving
  • Elaboration of travel orders
  • Travel expenses – Calculation and Accounting
  • Motor vehicle tax – here is the tax on motor vehicles
  • Tax Return

Register of property

  • Evidence of tangible and intangible assets
  • Records of short-term assets
  • Groups depreciation
  • Finacial lease
  • Depreciation plans
  • Tax depreciation
  • Accounting depreciation
  • Internal regulations

Value added tax

  • Payer Registration – Mandatory, Voluntary
  • VAT registration under the VAT Act
  • Income Tax Return
  • Control Statement
  • Summary statement
  • Electronic submission of tax return

Financial Statements

  • Accounting reports
    • Incomes and Expenses Statement
    • Assets and Liabilities(Payables) Statement
  • Income Tax Return