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Salaries and Human Resources Žilina

We will replace your accounting and HR department

The trend of today is to focus on marketing and earnings, and worries related to the personal agenda and the salary calculation leave for accounting companies. This decision saves you operating expenses for your own accounting department – you do not pay the salary accountant, levies, the necessary training, and last but not least the software. Salaries in our company are frequently processed bysalary accountants, which is a necessary requirement for the tangle of constantly changing laws and regulations. Outputs are prepared quickly, discreetly and reliably, either in paper form or electronically, in Slovak or English.

In case of questions and queries, we are available to you every day by phone or e-mail.

Monthly salary processing

  • Processing and production of salary
  • Delivery of salary – paper or electronically via password-protected emails
  • Calculation of insurance charges for employees and employer
  • Salary deductions – execution, installments
  • Calculation of 2nd and 3rd pillar contributions (supplementary pension saving)
  • Make a monthly transfer order for your bank
  • Archiving of agenda

Communication with offices and insurance companies

  • Full representation of the client in communication with authorities and insurance companies
  • Processing of statements to social and health insurance companies
  • Applications and deregistrations to insurance companies
  • Processing forms, reports, and reports to the tax office
  • Preparation and submission of documents to the Statistical Office
  • Elaboration of annual tax collection

Processing a personal agenda

  • Employment service – consultations
  • Optialization of emplyoment relations
  • Managing Personnel Components
  • Entry and exit of employees
  • Preparation and processing of employment contracts and agreements
  • Certificates and documents for employees
  • Material Liability Agreements
  • Organizational order
  • Archiving of personal agenda

Other services

  • Communication with the tax office and insurance companies on behalf of the client
  • Advisory and consulting services
  • Reporting in electronic form according to the client’s requirements
  • Regular information on changes in salaries by mail
  • Outputs also in English