Bookkeeping in Žilina, wages, taxes, consultancy, economic services

Accounting supervision

The main goal and purpose of accounting supervision is the identification of errors in the client’s accountig and the prevention of other errors and deficiencies that have a negative impact on the ability of the accounting system to provide relevant management outputs as well as the consequences in the form of fines and penalties by state authorities.

The service includes

  • Analysis of the Company’s accounting system
  • Immediate removal of detected shortcomings
  • Checking the accounting(bookkeeping) weekly / monthly / quarterly
  • Guidance, advice and consultation
  • Assisting in the preparation of financial statements
  • Preparation of documents for tax returns
  • Ensuring interaction with the tax adviser and the auditor
  • Taking responsibility for the accuracy of supervised accounting
  • Cooperation with tax control
  • Communication with the tax office and insurance companies
  • Financial analysis and reporting