Bookkeeping in Žilina, wages, taxes, consultancy, economic services

Outsourcing of accounting

Outsourcing refers to the transfer of selected in-house activities not related to the main activity of the firm to an external subject.
The primary objective of outsourcing economic services is to reduce the costs of own accounting departments and concentrate on core business.

For the client, the benefit is „getting rid of“ the worries about their bookkeeping and wages and, of course, transferring responsibility to the service provider.


  • the quality provided by internal department, with considerably lower costs
  • transferring responsibility to the supplier
  • Non – stop access to account data via the internet from anywhere on the planet
  • Updated data on your financial situation
  • Economic and financial analysis available immediately


The customer connects remotely through a secure connection to our servers where the program runs. All data is available online on a ongoing basis.

The customer has his own user accounts which allows him to log in to the system. Each user has an account with defined access rights. The system provides an ongoing overview of the state of receivables and liabilities(payables), the state of VAT and the net profit or loss.

The customer issues orders, invoices, keeps inventory(stock) records. Initial documents are converted into electronic form so they are available to all authorized users at all times.

Provided services

  • installation, training and guarantee of trouble-free operation of the system
  • providing up-to-date information on legislative changes – an email newsletter
  • reporting according to the client’s requirements electronically
  • electronic communication with state institutions – in the form of signature guarantee
  • electronic communication with the client
  • physical participation in control by state authorities
  • representing the client before the tax office and the insurance companies
  • liability insurance for the damages caused to client
  • regular data backup on our servers
  • accounting guidance
  • audit Mediation + Physical Audit Participation
  • we provide services throughout the Slovak Republic
  • reporting and communication in English