Bookkeeping in Žilina, wages, taxes, consultancy, economic services

Tax agenda in Žilina

Value added tax

  • Registration of the payer in the Tax office – compulsory, voluntary
  • VAT registration under the VAT Act
  • Income Tax Return
  • Control Statement
  • Elaboration of summary reports
  • Electronic submission of tax returns in the form of a secure electronic signature

Income Tax – Legal Entities

  • Tax Optimization
  • Transformation of the accounting result into tax base
  • Addable items to the tax base
  • Deductible items
  • Payment of tax prepayments
  • •Deferred tax

Income tax – natural persons

  • Type A tax return – Employees
  • Type B tax return – Entrepreneurs
  • Tax Evidence
  • Flat-rate expenses

Motor Vehicle tax

  • Tax return